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Top 10 Stores for Designer and Bridal Collection in Bangalore

During this wedding season, it’s a must for the women to start shopping to grab some beautiful collection from the famous designer and bridal stores, Especially in Bangalore during the wedding season the popular stores are filled with the women. People always prefer to sear such an outfits that make look…Continue Reading

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Top 5 Stores for Designer Sarees and Bridal Collection in Hyderabad

As the wedding season is coming up, it’s the time for you to look up the top 5 stores for the best designer and bridal collections. For the people who stays around the Hyderabad, the city’s got some of the best shops with some beautiful, gorgeous and ethnic collection bridal and…Continue Reading

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Malayalee Marriage ( വിവാഹം – vivāhaṁ ) Ceremony

Malayalee marriage is a very short and sweet ceremony, which is mostly held in the morning times of the day. The marriage hall that is mostly preferred in their customs is the maternal house of the bride. However the typical malayalee’s still conducting the marriages at their…Continue Reading

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Kannada Marriage ( ಮದುವೆ – Maduve ) Ceremony

Kannada marriages are the marriages that are performed in the state of Karnataka. Kannada marriages almost resembles the traditional Hindu marriages. However they differ slightly in customs and traditions according to the region they conducted in. The marriage celebration facilitates the opportunity to the both side families and relatives to…Continue Reading

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Tamil Marriage (கல்யாணம் – Kalyanam/Thirumanam) Ceremony

Tamil marriage is a great extravagance, splendor and pomp occasion. Tamil marriages are the most sacred religious ties between the bride and groom families. The young boys and girls eagerly await for the elaborate, expensive and emotional marriage event. usually the Tamil marriage are help in large…Continue Reading

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Telugu Marriage ( వివాహం/ పెళ్ళి Vivaham/Pelli) Ceremony

The Telugu Marriage ceremony is the traditional marriage ceremony followed by the Telugu people in India. The marriage rituals conducted by the Telugu speaking people during the marriage ceremony are different from those conducting in the neighboring southern states of India.  The rich and varied cultural heritageContinue Reading

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